Lawn Care Service in Palm City, FL

If you're a busy resident of Palm City, FL, lawn care may not be the first thing on your mind. If you are having trouble keeping up with this chore, come to Coastal Irrigation Service Inc for help. Our professionals would be thrilled to assist you in keeping your grass green and well kept. We are locally owned and operated in Palm City, FL, and our staff is friendly and ready to get to work.

Our staff has experience caring for lawns of all sizes and conditions in Palm City. Whether yours is large or small, green or turning brown, you can depend on us to improve the issue. We will take a close look at your grass to determine whether we need to mow, edge, or irrigate it. Our team can also remove weeds from the area and even plant winter grass as appropriate. We will put our education in this industry to good use, all the while offering prompt service and a friendly attitude to you.  

When your Palm City, FL, lawn care needs are too great, come to Coastal Irrigation Service Inc. We will help you breathe a sigh of relief by taking over this task, whether you need our help regularly or just once. If you are ready to discuss what you think your yard could use, call our office in Palm City, FL, today to talk to our staff.